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In the middle of fall season 2021

Photo: PatriciaSports

The new football season 2021-2022 in France has begun. In fact, the season is already progressing well. Since the end of August, we have already played five rounds in the French Premier League, D1 Arkema. My new club, FC Fleury 91, is located near Paris, about 30 km south of Paris. On the edge of the Paris area, the environment is very peaceful – there is little to the atmosphere of a big city.

How did my season start in the new club, FC Fleury 91? Very well! I live in a nice quiet detached house area which is about a 15 minute drive from the workout center. We have good facilities for daily training and all the necessary facilities we need as professional athletes. The number of rehearsals is about the same as in other clubs, as I had in Lyon. The French D1 Arkema League is played almost every weekend and the games are shown on Canal + Sport TV every weekend. I have a little fewer trips and they are shorter – than last year, as there are four teams from the Paris region in the French league.

I moved to FC Fleury right at the beginning of August quite quickly as the season was just starting so I could get to know my teammates and still have time to practice before the series games start. For the first two games, I sat on the bench and watched closely as my new team played. In practice, I gave my all and enjoyed learning something new. The moment I got on the field, it was really exciting! Since then, I have had the opportunity to play in subsequent league matches as well as two practice matches.

The start of the first game was once and for all disastrous, sorry! Sad but true – at the very beginning of my first game, I myself caused a penalty kick to our opponent Bordeaux when I knocked down their attacker. The opponent succeeded in his penalty kick. I think I was so excited about my first game that I reacted too strongly to the situation. By playing you learn! Our team has had a strong team since the beginning and now it played great in this game. We finally won Bordeaux! The same team that played in the women’s UEFA Champions League just last week. What a great achievement from our FC Fleury team!

After the Bordeaux game, we also managed to beat Soyaux and Montpellier, both in very tight games. I was at the finish line and I did my best for the people of our team. I think our situation in the French league is now better than we used to believe: in October we had 3 wins, 2 losses, all against tough opponents! The ranking in D1 Arkema is very good at the moment: 4/12.

I think we can continue our good games. Six more laps before New Year’s Eve. There is a good feeling in our training, I have met other players and I feel very well now, thanks to the coaches of my team, especially the professional goalkeeper coach.

We are the FC Fleury 91 Feminine!