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Building an expansive network to create client value

Let’s talk about collaboration and how Katriina’s Business Team can consult and help your business via Katriina’s brand. We will offer ”Business Partnerships with International aspects” in 3 languages.

Hybrid events with Katriina internationally?

Would you like to build unique events & business solutions that give you more international visibility and potential customers through Katriina’s brand?

With the latest innovations and events such as live, online or Hybrid events, we can work together towards your strategic growth goals.

Katriina’s Business Team will brainstorm incredible new paths to marketing and brand development with your company. Expand your network & create your new B2B and B2C opportunities across Europe, North America and other countries with us!

Katriina’s next business partner or Sponsor?

Willing to build unique events and solutions that support your business that give you more international visibility and the opportunity to reach more potential customers through the Katriina brand? Let’s discuss further and inspire together how Katriina’s business team could contribute to your company’s goals.

Let’s have a talk with Katriina’s business team. We are waiting for your message!


FINACC offers reliable and professional accounting, payroll and tax consulting services. The information generated from accounting is a valuable tool in managing a company. By letting our professionals handle your accounting you can focus on your core competencies and ensure that your accounting fulfills the legal requirements. We offer accounting for small business also. Accounting is becoming digitized! Digitalized accounting is considerably easier, faster and cost-efficient from a customer perspective.