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Katriina Talaslahti, Paris Eifel Tower, FC Fleury 91

In the end of fall season 2021

The fall season of 2021 has just ended here in Fleury. Paris is decorated with Christmas lights. I’m waiting for Christmas time!

The first half of the European football season is now over, so, it’s in the “package”. The last game of the season, our 11th match was played last weekend in the French Women’s 1st League D1 Arkema. Our team of FC Fleury 91 defeated our local opponent GPSO 92 ISSY and now we are in the fourth place in the league! We started the Christmas holiday in good spirits.

During the season I have prepared carefully for the games. After the last game, I’m focusing to celebrate and preparing for Christmas. My sister game me a huge surprise for me – Johanna visited from Finland this weekend here in Fleury. And another big sister flew from New York to Paris to be with me several days. We went to Paris for a few days, after that we will travel to Finland together to celebrate Christmas with our family.

As you may all know, the the fall season went really well. Our team, FC Fleury 91 Feminine, played better and better one game at a time. Before Christmas break we are in fourth place in the D1 Arkema Leagua! Yes, just one point behind from third place, and that’s what we really wanted to be! During the fall season 2021, FC Fleury 91 Feminine, we won many good teams: Bordeaux, Soyaux, Montpellier, Reims, Saint-Etienne, Guingamp and in the final round also “local Parisienne team” the Issy. I also got a chance to play the rest of the games.

Everyday life goes better and better. My motivation is at a very good level. We have a good spirit in the team with very good coaches – especial thanks for them! As all may have the though that our success was even better than expected. The chances of qualifying for next year’s Champions League qualifiers are very good, and that give even more motivation for all of us.

After a busy start to the season, I am now feeling very good and I’m exploring to live in near Paris area and especially in the city of Fleury which is the small town of Chartres, whose cathedral is a historically significant and very famous visiting target to see.

However, the Christmas holiday will not be very long, as the new year is being prepared again in early 2022 – the season will start with the French Cup match in early January, on 9th of January 2022. See you all in Nice!

Until then, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!