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My first season at FC Fleury has begun

Photo: Nelson Fatagraf

The 2021–2022 season has already begun and FC Fleury 91 is doing well so far. It’s a good time to go back to recent events after a short break in the fall of 2021. A lot has happened since my last update.

After last season 2020-2021 at Team of Olympique Lyonnais Feminine I had a well-deserved summer vacation in Finland. Also, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa and spend several days there with my friends and see their incredibly beautiful nature. I also traveled in Germany, Munich is my “second” hometown, I visited my old school, met my fellow students and my family friends – and yes, I went shopping!

After that, I had time to have a relaxing vacation in our summer cottage in Finland – the Sauna, swimming and training in nature are part of my summer things that I’d like to do. After the summer time, I flew back to Lyon, France in mid-July, where my OL’s team was preparing for a new season. This moment is always impressive and inspiring because it’s always a pleasure to meet new players who join the team. At the beginning of the preseason, we went to a training camp in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The camp was very rewarding in every way. We also did a lot more at camp than anything related to football.

As is well known, Lyon has a tough competition and all the players represent the top of the world and almost all are players of the national team of their own country. So, I’m nearly the youngest goalkeeper in Europe at the moment who plays in one of the main European Football Counties – as you all know France + Germany + England + Spain! In that time I was on the OL team, I got quite a bit of playing time in the French D1 Arkema League. That’s why I had already been thinking with my Manager during the previous months about what could be the next step in my near future career to get me more playing time. Those few games I played with another OLF team gave me more confidence and experience, but my own goals were even higher to achieve a playing goalkeeper’s role in Europe.

The start of the season is a pretty exciting time for all players. In the French D1 Arkema League the football transfer window is still open till  end of August. My Manager was considering make new steps for me but everything were open in her table. Should I get a new contract for coming season 2021-2022 or not – She did some negotiations “behind the sea” and with the top European clubs as well. Nowadays, during the digital, as you know it’s very easy to reach right persons online meeting from different countries.

And finally I agreed to get a new contract! I was pleased to announced to play for FC FLeury 91 in the D1 Arkema League in France during the season 2021-2022.  This is the opportunity for me to develop my professional career as a playing goalkeeper what I was waiting for a long time.  And I was already on my way to Fleury!

My new club, FC Fleury 91 and previous club OLF, they both play the highest women’s league in France, the D1 Arkema League. FC Fleury 91 is located about 30 km south side from city of Paris. I was very kindly welcome to the team. Everything was done in a few days, all arrangements for a quick transfer went really well and I got all the necessary facilities what I needed to settle down to the new team and new city. French traffic is already a different matter, as you know I’m used to drive in “autobahn” in Germany. So, after living two years in Lyon, it was really easy for me to get used to drive in Paris.

Thank you my Club – FC Fleury 91 – Thank you my teammates!, You are all great – we are strong together!