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Hey! This is Katriina Talaslahti, I’m a Finnish professional football goalkeeper playing for FC Fleury 91 Femininé, France, season 2021-2022. It was my honor to make a contract with FC Fleury starting from August 2021.


My first season 2019-2020 in Lyon is now in the package – I got great experiences playing with the professional OL’s team while we won 5 gold medals during the season.

At the beginning of the season, I set a goal to win the Champions League before I would celebrate my 20th birthday in September. Later my goal became true! I soon realized that I also made history by being the first Finnish woman to win the Champions League in its current form. On the men’s side, only the Finnish football legends Jari Litmanen and Sami Hyypiä have managed to achieve the same.

During the season 2019–2020, our team first won the French league championship and the French Cup as well as Supercup. However, the highlight of the season was the Champions League final tournament. This tournament was played in the end of August in Bilbao, Northern Spain. After two playoff games, we reached the final match. The final tournament as a whole was unforgettable and very exciting as only the winner of the match went on to the next match. In the final, we faced the German champion, Wolfsburg.

In the final, I think we (OL Feminine [OLF]) played our best match in the tournament, resulting in a 3-1 victory! It was a great feeling to be the 2nd goalkeeper in the squad. I prepared myself to go to the pitch at any time, in case I would have gotten a chance. Although I didn’t get to play this time, I was fully enjoying the exciting atmosphere as you all know! Everyone on the bench was strongly supporting our teammates on the field – we all had been working so hard throughout the season and hence, we were really looking forward to winning the trophy and holding it in our hands! Therefore, it was a great feeling to finally be able to raise the trophy after the final!

Moreover, the season 2019-2020 really gave me many great experiences. Our team is filled with national team players from the world’s best football teams. I got to know new teammates and we became really good friends. Also, I’ve been able to train with exceptionally talented and world-class players. At the same time, I enjoyed systematic training and facilities, which the club provide us. The first year in Lyon, France was also my first year as a professional football player. I think that I developed a lot as goalkeeper during the year. This all contributes to my goal of achieving the number one goalkeeper position in the team in the future. I learned to know much better what it takes to play at the absolute top.

Before my time in Lyon I lived in Germany for almost six years and most of it in Munich. During the previous four seasons, I played for FC Bayern Munich with a professional contract and, at the same time, I also played for Bayern’s state representative team. In FC Bayern Munich, I won two German Bundesliga Championships in 2017 (WU17) and 2019 the Women’s 2. Bundesliga. I very much appreciate all that I learned from there, and it made me believe in myself and my abilities to continue my career at the highest level. Also, I studied and graduated from Bavarian International High School in Munich. Therefore, I’m grateful that I managed to do successfully two jobs at the same time

Originally, I come from the city of Espoo, Finland, a country of thousands of lakes. I played many years for the following local football clubs: Leppävaaran Pallo and FC Honka. I received my first goalkeeping lessons from my Italian goalkeeper coach, who gave me a very warm introduction to becoming a goalkeeper. Above all, I appreciate the good coaching and playing experience I got during my early days.

There are also many other things in my life besides football that keep my life balanced, energetic and joyful. Dear fans and friends & family, I’m thankful for your support from all around the world throughout my entire journey. I’m passionate about traveling whenever it is possible for me as well as fashion and nature. Also, for me at the moment it is easy to communicate with you in English and German, and I’m working hard to improve my French day by day. Surely, you can also communicate with me in my mother tongue Finnish. Lastly, I love that you’re with me on this journey and I hope that you enjoy exploring more about me on this website. 

Stay safe and have a good day everyone!

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