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Katriina Talaslahti, Paris Eifel Tower, FC Fleury 91

In the end of fall season 2021

The fall season of 2021 has just ended here in Fleury. Paris is decorated with Christmas lights. I’m waiting for Christmas time! The first half of the European football season is now over, so, it’s […]

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In the middle of fall season 2021

Photo: PatriciaSports The new football season 2021-2022 in France has begun. In fact, the season is already progressing well. Since the end of August, we have already played five rounds in the French Premier League, […]

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Season greetings 2020-2021

As we all know, this past season has been very exceptional for sports all over the world. Miraculously, the football season has been able to continue quite normally despite all the challenges along the way. […]

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