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Talaslahti Event on Saturday: Going back to where it all started


Photo: Jimi Soinila

Before the end of summer holidays and before any announcement of a new team, Katriina will take part in a special football event in Laukaa in Central Finland named after her.  

This Saturday’s Talaslahti Event hosted by Team LKP from Laukaa will include coaching sessions, a meet and greet with Katriina as well as a discussion about the role of the football parents hosted by Katriina’s mother Anne. 

– It is pretty great that there’s such an event carrying my name. It’s not an every day thing. I hope we can keep doing this every year and even grow it, Katriina says. 

– Since my parents Anne and Antti are from the nearby city of Jyväskylä, this is kind of where it has all started. We have our summer house in Laukaa, so it’s nice to tell the kids that I’ve spent a lot of time here and played football in Laukaa since I was a little kid myself.

– It’s always cool to meet new people and to see children having fun with football. We get to bring them together and give them a chance to meet new people too.

– I want to tell the kids to enjoy what they are doing and to always go to training with their full hearts. It can create special memories when the team does things together and you might end up finding lifelong friends from it. 

– I also want to emphasise to them that football needs to be a passion, it needs to be something that you do with a positive mindset. It has to be something you want to do, not something you are forced to do. Football is at its best when it’s fun!

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