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“It would mean a lot to me to have a chance to play” 

GK Katriina Talaslahti, FC Fleury 91, D1 Arkema, France

Photo: FuroPics

Finland will meet Germany in their last EURO2022 group game on Saturday night July 16, 2022 in Milton Keynes Stadium, England. Finland started the tournament with a 4–1 defeat against Spain and then lost 1–0 against Denmark, but Katriina is proud to have a had chance to represent her country in a major tournament. 

– It’s a great experience for all of the players, who had a chance to be a part of this team. We can’t ever take it for granted that Finland is always in a major tournament, Katriina says. 

– I’ll have to be proud of the fact that was I was one of those players who were picked for this tournament. There are a lot of girls in Finland who dream of this kind of opportunity. This will always be a great memory for me. 

Katriina has so far played her part only as a substitute goalkeeper. However, due to the recent Covid cases in the team, there will be a EURO debut for one of the substitute goalkeepers. 

– I’m of course ready if I get a chance to play. It would be a big and an exciting thing to get a chance to play, as I have only played once for the national team before. 

– With my experience from the club level, I would of course be ready to play. Let’s see, if I get the opportunity. It would of course mean a lot to me. 

Katriina would be playing against some very familiar faces, after her years in Germany, first and foremost at Bayern München. 

– It’s nice to play against Germany, but at the same time we know that they are one of the best teams in the tournament. It will be a tricky game for us and an interesting one. I of course know a little bit about their football culture and how they play, but that wouldn’t necessarily play a big part in that game. 

Germany’s Sara Däbritz and Sydney Lohmann were among Katriina’s teammates at FC Bayern. This season Däbritz played for PSG who Katriina’s FC Fleury 91 met three times, twice in the French league and once in the cup. 

– They’re all good players and there will surely be a lot to do for the goalkeeper, who gets the chance to stand between the posts.